What Will RFA Dubnyk Get Paid?

Yesterday the Minnesota Wild re-signed Josh Harding to a three year contract extension for a reported $5.7mm. This does two things in my eyes.


  1. Eliminates my dream of the Oilers buying out Khabibulin, and signing Harding to compete for crease time with Dubnyk
  2. Sets a ceiling for Dubnyk’s impending RFA contract.


Looking at the two goaltenders their stats are very comparable.



Harding has the slight edge in GAA and SV% but I’d probably not get much resistance in arguing that he has played behind the better team. Despite this Dubnyk has managed to come away with more wins per game and a higher points percentage than Harding. Maybe the Oilers haven’t been as bad as 30th, 30th, 29th but were held back by Khabibulin’s poor play? Perhaps they are actually a 27th place team! Dare to dream.


At any rate the barometer for the Dubnyk contract should be a cap hit of $1.9mm, keeping in mind that Harding had additional leverage as an impending UFA. Anything less with the same or longer term and Tambellini has come away with a win or at worst draw. Anything significantly more and Tambellini has stayed true to his record and failed again.