Shirokov Experiment Ends In Vancouver

Vancouver Canucks preseason stand out, Sergei Shirokov, has been sent to Manitoba the team has announced today via their twitter account. The move comes after today's game where Shirokov was benched in favour of Tanner Glass. Whether or not it truly helped, the team picked up their first win of the season 7-1 over the Montreal Canadiens.

The timing seems odd as Sergei managed just three games before getting sent down. Shirokov definitely was not the force he was in the preseason getting 0 points and often looking a bit lost and out of position. Despite his less than stellar play, he was by far not the reason for the Canucks' early season woes.

This move could be just to give him a bit more experience in the North American game where the rinks are smaller or it could be a long term move, time will tell. It looks like until further notice the Vancouver Canucks will be the one they used tonight against Montreal. Although, another potential reason could be the fact that Manitoba is playing back to back games this week and the Canucks don't have another game until Sunday against Dallas. Perhaps Alain Vigneault and the staff felt he could use some more action.

From official Canucks twitter

Canucks forward Sergei Shirokov has been sent down to Manitoba. The Moose play back-to-back home games this weekend vs. Chicago.

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