A Letter to our Readers

To our loyal readers at The Checking Line,

As most of you may know by now, there has been plenty of discussion about the launching of a Western sub-site here at The Checking Line, much like the one that is run by Mark Trible and his team of writers that cover the Philadelphia Flyers and Rob McGowan and his team of writers that covers the New York Islanders.

And now the wait is over as the Western sub-site is ready to go!

Our staff will have a number of different writers covering the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, and Winnipeg Jets.

The Flames coverage will be spearheaded by myself and will include analysis from Bryan Wright, Nick Symon, Brad Windsor, Caleb Pass, Greger Buer, and Drew Henn.

Covering the Canucks we have Brian Raiger, and Brandon Matassa.

On the Oilers front we have Nick Piccone, and Todd Vaughn.

And last but not least, for the newest NHL team in the league the Winnipeg Jets we have Chris Reid and Kory W.

Our team of writers are dedicated to bringing you the best coverage of all four teams with featured stories, interviews, game reports, in-depth analysis and more. 

With the rivalries that exist between the Flames, Canucks, and Oilers and soon to be Jets, this site will have a special focus on rivalries and rival blogs comparing each team and giving each blogger a chance to defend their keepsake.

A special thanks goes out to George Prax, the owner and editor of The Checking Line as well as his partners Phil and Sam. George recruited me to his staff almost two years ago and I haven't looked back since. His ability to develop the site as well as to reach out and collectively grab several talented writers from all over the league has been down right impressive. In doing so, The Checking Line has grown more and more each month. His determination is the type of work ethic that our Western team hopes to embody as we move forward. 

I will be responsible for the content that goes up on the TCL-West sub-site with the assistance of my team of writers and George himself. Our Facebook page will have links to all of our stories in addition to other comments and questions. We not only want to inform our readers, but to engage them in discussions about anything that regards the team. We also have recently launched a Twitter page that will link all of our stories as well as provide game updates throughout the season.

Although our team is taking a big step forward in making the TCL-West page a new home for fans of the Flames, Canucks, Oilers, and Jets  to read stories and share their thoughts on their teams, we are far from finished.

And last, but certainly not least, a special thanks goes out to you, the reader. We would not be able to take this step forward if it wasn't for the fact that so many of you continue to return to the site on a daily basis to read our blogs. Without you, none of this would be possible. So thank you for sticking with us after all this time.

Welcome to The Checking Line - West!

-Derrick Newman

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George Prax's picture

Great stuff Newman! Looking forward to getting this ball rolling.

Mark Trible's picture

I'm excited for this development, Newman. I appreciate your kind words as well. TCL-Flyers will do anything possible to help a fellow subsite out! Awesome stuff!!!

George Prax's picture

Ya, you and your 957 facebook likes BETTER help us out Tongue

Derrick Newman's picture

Thanks guys! Super pumped about this! TCL is going to take over the world! Muahaha