Flames continue slide

The Calgary Flames lost 2-1 to the New York Rangers tonight.

The Flames had their chances to tie the game, but were stymied by the post, Martin Biron’s pads/glove, or a combination of both.

This is an all too familiar tale.

So what else can I say that hasn’t be said already. Nothing really, and so instead I will look at some individual efforts that have stuck out recently – both good and bad.

Jarome Iginla has been Jarome Iginla lately, and this is nothing but a good sign for this hockey team. Pucks have been finding the back of the net and he has taken control of the play when given the chance. With nine goals now, and seven in the last five games, Iggy is back on pace for roughly 35 goals, which is exactly what we expect from the captain. With trading him seemingly not in the cards right now, Calgary needs Jarome to keep on rolling.

Jay Bouwmeester has stepped up of late. He has been a +7 in his last five games, has consistently logged 25+ minutes of ice time a night, and has chipped in with a goal and an assist. He hasn’t had the point totals we had hoped for from him since he arrived, but I would like to believe he has finally found his place on this team. I have said it before that when he came over from Florida, he was a little lost. In FLA he was counted on to be the man, whereas here he needs to be part of a system and that has hurt his production in my opinion.

I’m not sure we will ever see the offensive numbers he put up in Florida unless the mindset of the coaching staff drastically changes. What we can expect is a steady, smooth skating defenceman who can jump into the rush when called upon and is as reliable as they come on the defensive end. $6.68 million – probably a little high, but he is improving with each game.

Anton Babchuk is no Ian White, and that’s not saying much. Over the past two games since Babchuk arrived he has been nothing short of terrible. The shot everyone has talked about hasn’t been seen. He looks slow, which on this team, means you must be REALLY slow. He gets caught out of position a lot and is making Giordano’s job much more difficult. The guys on the FAN960 pre-game were talking about this and was one of the reasons I watched him more closely tonight, and they were bang on with what they were saying. Babchuk is not ready for full-time work in the NHL. Ian White may have been a -10, but the way Babchuk is playing, he makes White look like Nicky Lidstrom. Wouldn’t you rather see Brodie or Pelech playing than this guy? I know I would. -1 Calgary, +1 Carolina.

A surging Devils team is next on the docket for the floundering Flames. Henrik Karlsson looks to get his first start (or so it was reported by Roger Millions) since an October 28th 6-5 loss to the Avalanche. Kipper has started 10 straight going 2-7-1 over that stretch.

The Flames need a win.

What else is new?


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