Fatal Error

There are 11 games left in the season. The Flames are playing one of the four opponents that they definitely should beat. Miikka Kiprusoff is the Flames MVP and starting goalie. Vesa Toskala, the Flames back-up, starts in between the pipes.

Can someone please explain this to me?

I don’t care about Brent Sutter’s hunches that Miikka can’t play the Wild and that Toskala played well against them last week.

Why would you even want to ‘rest’ Kipper during the stretch run if there isn’t anything to ‘stretch’ for?

Did Sutter over think the decision on his starting netminder? Yes.

Did he make a horrible gaffe and possibly, finally, cement the Flames in the 9th position? I believe so.

That is a atrocious coaching error and there is no excuse for it.

Kipper should be playing every single game until the Flames are eliminated from playoff contention. He is the best player on the team and the only reason the Flames have a chance to begin with.

Toskala allowed three questionable goals and that just can not happen. He showed his true “Leaf” colours today.

“The Bears are who we thought they were!”

Ten games remain for the Flames, who sit two points back of Detroit, and time is running out. I do not think the Red Wings are even the team to catch either. The team that is the most susceptible to being caught is either the Avalanche or the Kings.

Both teams are young and both teams haven’t been in a playoff chase for some time. They play each other three times over the course of the rest of the season, including back-to-back games this Monday and Wednesday. If one team were to sweep that series, than this could possibly open the door for the Flames, given the Flames take care of their own business. Still, the walls are closing in on them at an alarming rate.

The Flames have 81 points with a possible 20 still available to get.

The room for error, as I see it, is two games. If they lose two games or more then they are finished. Lose just two, and win the rest and you give yourself a shot.

Like my good friend once told me though, “Hope is a horrible thing.”

This has been,

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