Sami Salo hinting at retirement?

Sami Salo hasn't played since last season, due to a torn achilles tendon he suffered before this years training camp.

The Canucks got some inspiring news a couple of days ago, as Salo had resumed skating. His return seemed imminent.

However, now the Vancouver Sun is reporting that Salo may walk, or should i say hobble, away from the game, as he has hinted at retirement.

Apparently, Salo won't play again if their is a risk of permanent damage to himself. Fair enough. He has also stated that he doesn't want to play if he cannot play at the top level he is accustomed to.

So essentially, Slammin Sami won't be rushed back to the lineup. Expect him out longer, or possibly forever.


George Prax's picture

It would be smart for him to leave. Besides, the Canucks have prepared for this and they obviously don't need him. I don't think bringing Salo back will improve the Canucks any more.

Adam Reid's picture

Seems as if the Canucks have everything under control. They are one of the hottest teams in the NHL, not to mention leading it overall. With Sami coming back, it just may throw their rhythm off. Don't fix what ain't broke I always say. If sami leaves or stay, heres the best to his decisions, and the Canucks.