The Most Over-Hyped, Over-Analyzed Day of the Year

"Tom Gilbert for Nick Schultz - might be the biggest deal of the day"

Now that's a frightening thought, but it really just follows the trend from the last few seasons - NHL Trade Deadline day having a ton of anticipation with few actual moves. Looking back over the last few years, there are no real blockbusters and even rental UFAs are booking rarer and rarer.

The Calgary Flames were completely inactive on the deadline, our "moves", as Jay Feaster had alluded over the last few days, will be the return of players from injuries. Within the next couple of weeks, David Moss and Chris Butler will return to the lineup, injecting a top-9 forward and top-6 defenseman that would cost a lot more if they came from another team.

While many Flames fans will be very disappointed in our continuing status as fence-sitters, neither making a push for the playoffs by acquiring pieces or trading players for draft picks and prospects, we're not alone in this regard. If you look at the teams that made deals that weren't "good hockey trades" (i.e. NHL player(s) for NHL player(s)), almost all of them were clubs that aren't in the playoff picture. One exception was Winnipeg's trade of Johnny Oduya to Chicago for a pair of draft picks, but other than the Jets, the three most active teams were Buffalo, Montreal, and Columbus - three under-performing teams whose GMs obviously felt they needed to shake up the roster.

Of the other teams in the West that are chasing the 6/7/8 spots (Chicago, Phoenix, San Jose, Dallas, Colorado, LA, Minnesota, Anaheim), only LA made a significant "near-deadline" addition in Jeff Carter (albeit, they did give up their #2 defenseman in Jack Johnson).  Chicago, Phoenix and San Jose added pieces by acquiring Oduya, Antoine Vermette, and T.J. Galiardi and Daniel Winnik, respectively. Minnesota brought in Tom Gilbert, Kurtis Foster, and Nick Palmieri, but gave up Nick Schultz and Marek Zidlicky, Colorado shipped out Winnik and Galiardi, bringing in Jamie McGinn, and Dallas moving Nicklas Grossman to Philadelphia.

So, to sum up, check the injured reserve list to find out Calgary's biggest moves and stay tuned in June when teams will actually wheel-and-deal.



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I found it funny that Feaster claimed it was overhyped, then they cut back to TSN and Duthie was like "didn't he used to be part of this show?" lol. I don't think the deadline is overhyped, the day itself is. Plenty of moves happened, GMs just have no reason to wait til 5 minutes before the deadline to make trades anymore so they happen earlier in February so they still have wiggle room. But it's still fun to make an event out of it.