IceCaps unable to hold 2-goal lead over Crunch on Friday and Saturday

Aaron Gagnon willed himself to a 2-goal night, but had little else to celebrate as the St.John's IceCaps lost 4-2 Saturday night to the Syracuse Crunch, dropping the second straight of the series.

Gagnon finds himself on a 5-game point streak, having netted 4 goals and 2 assists in the run.

Despite Gagnon's decent run of form, the IceCaps managed to give up a 2-goal lead on Friday and Saturday to the Crunch.

St. John's captain Jason Jaffray said losing the 2-goal lead on Friday was unacceptable: “It’s one of the best teams in the league, but at the end of the day we need to get those two points.”

IceCaps (23-32-5) Coach Keith McCambridge described the current IceCaps form (eight straight home losses) as "disappointing" and "frustrating."

On Friday, McCambridge said: “We’re not happy losing the game in the shootout, we had the lead. We need the two points. We need two points every game. Here we are again talking and we haven’t been rewarded for how well the team has played. That’s frustrating.”

Saturday, McCambridge was much less enthused by his team's performance. Especially considering the IceCaps dominated the first period. Describing how things changed from the first period to the rest of the game, he added: "They got better and we stayed the same."

Eddie Pasqaule started in net Friday and Saturday, making 29 saves on 31 shots, and 31-on-35 shots, respectively. Pasquale was the only positive for St. John's in the second period Saturday, as they were outshot 19-2 and took 3 roughing penalties.

The IceCaps are on an eight-game home losing streak, as they continue to be outscored and outplayed by opponents. The team sits 14th in the Eastern Conference, with 51pts thorugh 60 games.