Flames Shut out by Kings: Golf Season Awaits

Nice effort.

In a game the Calgary Flames simply had to have to make the 2012 NHL playoffs, they decided to not really show up.  If anyone missed it, they were shut out 3-0 at the hands of the LA Kings. It was the sixth time this season they have been kept off the scoresheet and first time since January 24 against San Jose.

Give credit to the Kings for a very strong road game and limiting the Flames chances with constant shot blocks and sticks in lanes, but this is no time for excuses.

The Flames knew they needed to come out guns a blazin’ and instead they were immediately on the defensive and gave up the opening goal at 5:30 of the first on a point shot from Willie Mitchell – a shot that Kiprusoff should of had.

From there, the Flames failed to create any semblance of a real scoring chance for a majority of the game. They had a couple of good power plays where they managed to fire some pucks from the point, but they were either deflected into the mesh or stopped by Jonathan Quick who made 19 saves for his 9th shutout of the season.

It was embarrassing to watch and what’s even worse is the fact the Flames 2012 playoff hopes were, for intents and purposes, crushed by Darryl Sutter – oh the irony.

Jarome Iginla failed to register a shot tonight. I think that pretty much sums it up. The effort simply wasn’t there from Iggy on down and now the Flames brass has all summer long to re-work the Flames into a team that won’t choke at the most crucial times like they have done so often these past three seasons.

Losses in six of their last seven games heading down the stretch aren’t going to win you much else but a 10th place finish and the similarity to last season’s stretch drive is un-canning as the Flames lost seven of nine during the exact stretch of games in the 2010-11 campaign.


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