Winnipeg's Young Ladd

The initial hype has settled. Things are looking back to normal in the so-called Heart of the Continent. Summer is ending, days are getting shorter, and the fall is right around the corner. Winnipeg now waits in the wings like a flock of hungry thrashers (too soon?) for the puck to drop.

In the meantime, it is time to look at the Jets roster for their inaugural season in the National Hockey League. 

One idea to remember is...the new Winnipeg Jets are the Atlanta Thrashers from last year. The Thrashers only made the playoffs once since 1999. Having said that, the Jets have much better fan support and are guaranteed to be sold out for at least the next five years. Let's hope that helps.

One player who made an impact in Atlanta - and soon-to-be in Winnipeg - is Andrew Ladd, the captain.

Ladd's hockey career started when he was a young kid. He and his brother were given hockey equipment from his parents for Christmas, and he became hooked. The rest is history, as they say. Ladd has proven himself in the past as a key player with theChicago Blackhawks, winning the Stanley Cup a couple of seasons back.

Ladd seems to be a good choice for Winnipeg's hockey market. The building will be shaking each time the Jets take to the ice and he'll be at the helm. He's our shining star at the moment. This was proven when he flew to Winnipeg to meet with True North Sports and Entertainment just days after the transaction from Atlanta to Winnipeg was finalized. The rest of the boys on the now-Jets had no reason to deny Winnipeg after Ladd came out of those meetings having nothing but good things to say.

Is it cold here? Sure. The winters are horrible. But that's part of our culture.

And Ladd is cool with that - and Winnipeggers and his teammates alike will learn to love and trust him.


George Prax's picture

Ladd's a great player. I think he's going to shine in Winnipeg with the spotlight on him.