These aren't last seasons' Jets


Maybe it was the move. Maybe it was the pressure of being in a hockey-ravaged city. Or maybe it has just been pure luck.
Any way you put it, these aren't the same Winnipeg Jets we saw at the start of the 2011-12 season.
The Winnipeg Jets are now 3-1-1 and most people - including yours truly - predicted they would be more like 1-4-0. But there is a big factor I've noticed making a difference on the Winnipeg Jets at the start of this short season: Big Buff.
Dustin Byfuglien is big, cocky, but he's also the last person you'd want to be on the receiving end of a puck on. Everyone talks about Buff's weight issues, and though he'll never kiss and tell about it, he's billed at 265. Not much has changed from the year that has passed.
But his effort on defence has been outstanding. Poke checks when needed (hello Crosby and Ovi, how ya doing?) and outstanding hard shots when the opportunity arises.
The Jets are also fuelled by their home crowds which are sold out for at least the next 5 years. When they beat the Pens last week, it sounded like the Jets were about to capture Lord Stanley's Cup.
Now, its time to see how the Jets do on the road.
Jets take on Montreal and Florida this week - and no doubt this is going to be a true test of their ability to stay focused and keep the pressure on.