New Jets VS Old Jets


The winless Winnipeg Jets are set to face a rival from the deep south on Saturday.
The Winnipeg Jets are the only winless team in the National Hockey League, and are taking a trip to a place that may not have hockey come next season...or the season after...or the season get the point. The Jets will be facing the Phoenix Coyotes.While this doesn't sound like a game people should really care about, for the thousands of Jets fans in Winnipeg, it truly means something: The Jets MUST win.
Of course, the Coyotes are the former (and original) Winnipeg Jets and have been in the desert since their move after the 95-96 season. The past two years have seen a rollercoaster of a ride for Winnipeggers who were desperate for their beloved Jets to come back home. Phoenix has struggled to find an owner for the team after several hearings and of course bankruptcy. Prospective owners came and went, the latest being Matt Hulsizer, who has since reached a verbal agreement to purchase the St. Louis Blues.
In the two years the Coyotes future was undetermined, Winnipeggers took to message boards in Phoenix and the Peg, took to Twitter and Facebook, including setting up groups, that were very "anti-coyote". Fans of the Coyotes took note of this, and are sure to be aware of the rivalry between the new-found Jets and their own team.
Some have called this a rivalry like no other in the National Hockey League.
Winnipeggers have bought suites and boxes in Glendale, Arizona's Arena and will be there in full force. Many say there will be more Winnipeg Jets fans over Coyotes fans.
The most interesting time will come when the Coyotes or Jets score. Which will be cheered louder? Will the number of Jets fans trounce the Coyotes celebrations?
In any case at tomorrow's game, only one thing is certain: The Jets, of some form, will win.