Jets fans rejoice


Here we are, folks. A day before the Winnipeg Jets officially return to the National Hockey League. For the first time in 15 years last week, the Jets took to the ice for training camp. And chances are it was the most packed training camp in the National Hockey League.
A packed MTS Iceplex, the location of the Jets training camp, was packed on Saturday as all the stars took to the ice. Fans waited all day to get a glimpse of their new-found heroes. Andrew Ladd, Winnipeg Jets captain, took time at the end of practise to sign a few autographs and take photos with fans.
And of course the main attraction was the Jets performance. For the crowd, every second was outstanding. But there were some key performers, and you can probably guess who we're talking about.
Mark Scheifele, the Jets first-pick in the NHL draft scored first in a game of scrimmage. Though this doesn't necessarily mean he'll get a free pass to play in the regular season, media is reporting we'll likely see him this week as the pre-season begins.
Byfuglien, Ladd, and Bogisian also impressed the crowd as expected.
Thats the thing about Winnipeg: Anything the Jets are currently doing will get them a pop. And tomorrow, it all comes to fruition.
The day Winnipeg has been salivating for over the past 15 years has arrived. Hungry hockey fans will get their first taste of the former Atlanta Thrashers now Winnipeg Jets. And the city has it's sense of renewal.
MTS Centre, the Jets venue, smallest in the National Hockey League, will shake with excitement as Go Jets Go may be heard from as far away as their divisional rivals in Florida.
Clear the runway, folks. The Jets are back in Winnipeg.