Luongo's New Look

With 6 games in the books, the Vancouver Canucks are not off to the start they were hoping for. The Nucks are currently sitting at a 2-3-1 record, which is good for 5 points.

Fans are already starting to throw players under the bus, but public enemy #1 is none other than Roberto Luongo. Though he has only played 4 games, going 1-2-1 with a .856 save percentage and a 3.70 goals against average, people are already giving him the boos and heckles. 

We all know that Lou is a slow starter, but how much longer can fans stand his mediocre performance? They even sarcastically cheered him when he stopped a dump-in against the Rangers the other night. But change is coming, both physically and mentally, for Luongo and Canucks fans, and no, it is not the beginning of the Corey Schneider era.

Tonight, at 10PM, Roberto Luongo will debut his new mask, one which may give him bakc the confidence that backstopped him and the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Final a year ago, as well as a gold medal with Team Canada.

Roberto Luongo's new mask

Luongo has ditched the cream, green, and blue stripe "vintage" style mask, and has replaced it with a version similar to what he wore in the 2010 Winter Olympics. The new mask features a modern version of Johnny Canuck,has some striping (all in green, blue, and white), and has a green cage.

Canucks fans want to see the Roberto Luongo of old - the huge pad saves, wicked glove, and the swagger. We know he is capable of it, he is an All-Star, a gold-medalist, and has the ability to lead the Nucks back to the cup. This one little physical change could very well be all it takes to spark Bobby Lou back into beast mode.

It all starts again tonight. Until next time, take it easy.

-Brian Raiger

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Nice - welcome aboard. Looking forward to reading your articles.

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Thank you very much. Looking forward to being here.

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Nice read bri, welcome to the show buddy lol

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Thanks KB, you are a stud! lol

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Good stuff Brian. Not sure whether this will be enough to stop Luongo from sucking, but that mask is good looking. Never liked that old mask he had.